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Gutter Care Tips for Two-Story Houses

Gutter with Leaves in it

Cleaning gutters on a two-story house can feel like a daunting task. You need extra equipment and safety precautions to successfully clear clogs from your guttering. These gutter care tips for two-story houses will help you reduce how often you need to clean and ensure you are protected along the way. Choose Seamless Gutters Instead … Read more

Are Hail-Damaged Gutters Safe to Use?

Gutters with Hail

Your insurance adjuster may have told you that you need new gutters after a hailstorm. In fact, you may already have the check in hand to cover the gutter replacement. The question now is: do you actually have to replace your gutters, or can you use the funds for something else? Here are some decision-making … Read more

Are Aluminum Gutters Better Than Vinyl Gutters?

Better Gutters

Vinyl is an excellent material for fencing and siding, but what about gutters? Are you better off investing in aluminum or vinyl gutters for your house? Let’s compare aluminum gutters vs. vinyl gutters to find the best solution for your home. Vinyl Gutters Are Only Available in Sections (Not Seamless Gutters) Seamless gutters are the … Read more

What Is the Quickest Way to Clean Gutters?

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning can be a time-consuming process, depending on how complex your gutter setup is. Our pros have years of experience cleaning, installing, and maintaining gutters in Southeast Michigan. We’ve perfected the art of cleaning gutters, and we’re happy to share our secrets with you. Read on to learn the quickest way to clean gutters. … Read more

You May Need Downspout Extensions for Your Gutters

Inspecting Water Near Home

If water persistently pools around your downspouts, you may need downspout extensions. These convenient and affordable tools allow you to direct rainwater exactly where you want it to go. Read on to learn more about how downspout extensions work. What Are Downspout Extensions? Downspout extensions, also known as gutter extensions or downspout extenders, are special … Read more

Gutter Downspout Clogs: Causes, Solutions, and Prevention Tips

Clogged Gutters

Do your gutters overflow no matter how often you clean them? Do you feel like little water makes it from your roof to the bottom of your gutters? These may be indicators of clogged downspouts. This guide explains what causes gutter downspout clogs and how to fix/prevent these clogs in the future. What Are Gutter … Read more

Plan Your Year with This Exterior Home Maintenance Checklist

Nice Home with Blue Sky and Green Grass

Routine home maintenance can extend the life of your home’s materials and save you money on repair costs. Whether you’re a new homeowner or a seasoned pro, you may struggle to juggle all of the tasks you need to do around the property. This exterior home maintenance checklist can keep you on track throughout the … Read more

How to Get Icicles off Gutters

Closeup of Icicles on Gutters

Icicles are pretty from afar, but they can be dangerous up close. All it takes is one smacking down at the right angle to severely injure an innocent passerby. This guide explains how to get icicles off gutters so that you can protect your loved ones this winter. Prevent Icicles by Cleaning Your Gutters Prevention … Read more

Can You Hang Christmas Lights with Gutter Guards?

Closeup of Gloved Hands Hanging Lights on Gutters

We made it through Halloween, and you know what that means… It’s time to hang the Christmas lights! Whether you plan to wait until Thanksgiving or already have your extension cords on standby, these holiday light-hanging tips will help you. Learn how to hang lights on gutters, even if you have gutter guards. How to … Read more