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Gutter Downspout Clogs: Causes, Solutions, and Prevention Tips

Do your gutters overflow no matter how often you clean them? Do you feel like little water makes it from your roof to the bottom of your gutters? These may be indicators of clogged downspouts.

This guide explains what causes gutter downspout clogs and how to fix/prevent these clogs in the future.

What Are Gutter Downspouts?

Downspouts are the vertical components of your gutter system. The rain gutters collect water from the edge of your roof and direct them to the downspouts. A properly working downspout will carry that water from the roof to the ground and point it away from the foundation. Learn more: How Gutters Work

What Causes Gutter Downspout Clogs?

If a large clump of debris makes it into your downspout, it may get stuck before reaching the bottom. Think about what happens when you use the wand of your vacuum to pick up a large piece of trash. It may shoot into the barrel of the vacuum, but chances are it will get stuck in the hose. This is what happens with downspout clogs.

You may also experience downspout clogs from the bottom of your downspouts. If a pest builds a nest at the base or your downspouts sink into the ground, there may be a plug at the bottom. Sometimes the pressure of flowing rainwater will be enough to flush those clogs at the base, but if not, you’ll need to manually clear the clog to get your gutters working properly.

How to Clean Clogged Downspouts

Downspout flushing is a great way to clear unwanted debris from your downspouts. This is a feature we include with our gutter cleaning services because it helps ensure your gutters are working properly. We use a strong stream of water to blast out downspouts without needing to disassemble them.

If a downspout flush does not remove the clog, it may need to be manually pushed out. Sometimes we can disassemble part of the downspouts to get better access to the clog, but that depends on where it is located and what is blocking the downspout. In rare instances, you may need a new downspout in that area because removing the clog isn’t feasible without damaging the integrity of the downspout.

If you do need a new downspout, we will color-match it to your existing gutter system so that it blends seamlessly with the rest of your gutters.

How to Prevent Downspout Clogging

Routine gutter cleaning is the best way to prevent downspout clogs. Gutter guards can protect your gutters and downspouts from debris buildup without inhibiting water flow. If you can afford to add gutter guards to your gutters, that would be a wise investment for your home.

Be mindful of overhanging branches that may attract pests and drop large volumes of debris on your roof. Trim those branches back to reduce clog risks and eliminate the hassle of cleaning your gutters.

If your gutters constantly clog despite these prevention efforts, it may be time to upgrade to a new gutter layout. You could change the size, style, or positioning of your gutters to avoid clogs in the future. Contact Sargent Gutters & Siding at (800) 465-7460 to get a quote for downspout flushing, gutter cleaning, gutter replacement, or gutter guard installation. We service Oakland County, Wayne County, Macomb County, and surrounding communities in Michigan.