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Why Do My Gutters Keep Clogging?

Do your gutters clog every few weeks? Do you feel like you’re constantly cleaning your gutters to get them to work properly?

Frequent gutter clogging could be a sign that you need new gutters, or at minimum, a better way to keep debris out. Read on to learn why gutters clog, how to clean clogged gutters, and how to prevent clogged gutters in the future.

Common Reasons Gutters Get Clogged

Here are some potential reasons why your gutters keep clogging:

  • There are trees in the area that consistently shed leaves. If you have multiple species of trees near your home, you may be dealing with different shed cycles and persistent clogging.
  • You don’t have gutter guards protecting your gutters. They go on top of your gutters to keep leaves out while still allowing water to flow through.
  • You have sectional gutters or sagging areas of your guttering. The dips in the gutters create a low-point for leaves to build up in.
  • You’re not cleaning the gutters thoroughly enough each time. If you just clear the top level of debris out of the gutters, you’re going to face problems time and time again. You’ll also run the risk of clogging your downspouts.
  • Your gutters aren’t sloped at the right angle. Gutters should be installed at a slight angle to encourage water to flow downward. If your gutters are pulling away from your home or they weren’t installed at the right angle, you may have a flat area for debris to collect.
  • You have ice dams around your gutters. This is usually the result of insufficient attic insulation.

Have no fear – all of these issues have a solution. You can prevent gutter clogs and save yourself a ton of cleaning time in the future.

How to Prevent Gutter Clogs

If you have older sectional gutters, consider upgrading to seamless gutters. Not only do they look better on your home, but they also have fewer clogging risks.

Trim back trees on your property to minimize the amount of debris that can go into your gutters. This is especially important if you have branches hanging above your roof.

Add gutter guards or leaf filters to keep debris out. Most systems are made of some form of mesh that leaves can’t penetrate through. The leaves blow off the top of the gutters instead of collecting inside, and the water still flows through the holes in the mesh.

The pros at Sargent Gutters & Siding can help you find the right gutter layout and add-ons to prevent your gutters from clogging.

How to Clean Clogged Gutters

If you have clogged gutters, you can either get a professional gutter cleaning service or clean them yourselves. For DIY cleaning, you’ll need gloves and a stable ladder that can reach the gutters/roofline. You should also have a friend working with you in the event of an accident.

Pull out the debris from the gutters and bag it for easy disposal. Once you’ve removed the bulk of the debris, you can use a water hose to rinse the remaining bits out. If you have clogged downspouts, that will take a little more work to remove. You can try using water pressure to force the clog out, but that may not be sufficient for all clogs.

Are Gutter Clogs Really That Big of a Deal?

You may have given up at this point. Who cares if the gutters are a little clogged, right? Unfortunately, this is a serious situation that could lead to costly repairs.

Michigan receives an average rainfall of 30-38 inches per year. That rain all has to go somewhere. If it’s not properly directed off your roof and away from your foundation, it could damage your fascia boards, siding, basement/crawlspace, or the soil beneath your home. Those clogged gutters could cause your home to shift over time as the water pools up by your foundation.

Address the clogs now to prevent a downward spiral of home repairs. Learn more: How Gutters Work and Is It OK to Not Have Gutters?

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