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You May Need Downspout Extensions for Your Gutters

If water persistently pools around your downspouts, you may need downspout extensions. These convenient and affordable tools allow you to direct rainwater exactly where you want it to go. Read on to learn more about how downspout extensions work.

What Are Downspout Extensions?

Downspout extensions, also known as gutter extensions or downspout extenders, are special attachments made to direct water flowing from a downspout. They come in many styles and sizes. Some are hoses that connect to the downspout, and others are channels that sit on the ground.

Your gutter downspouts should be pointed in a way to encourage water to flow away from your foundation, but they may not adequately get that water where it needs to go. Downspout extenders provide a reliable path for the water to flow through. They are not necessary for every gutter setup, but they solve a common problem for many homeowners.

Pros and Cons of Using Downspout Extensions

Not sure if you need gutter extensions? Check out these pros and cons to understand your options:

  • PRO: You can use your downspout extensions to guide rainwater precisely where you need it to go. This means that you could send the water to a nearby garden bed or even a small pond on the property!
  • CON: The downspout extenders are visible, and they’re not always attractive. You may be able to overlook the long tube on your property because of the functional benefit of protecting your foundation.
  • PRO: They’re easy to install and inexpensive to purchase. If you only need a short extender at the base of your downspouts, the installation process will take a matter of seconds.
  • CON: You have to plan where the water is going to go. This may require some trial and error to make sure the extension has the proper slope and can withstand the volume of water flowing in.
  • PRO: There are many colors and styles to choose from, so you can get an extension that matches the features on your property. For example, you may get an extension that looks like a stone channel, similar to the stones around your garden beds.
  • CON: Some extenders trap moisture below and create a warm place for pests to live. We recommend periodically pulling your extenders off the ground to move the soil beneath and discourage pests from staying there.
  • PRO: If they don’t work, you aren’t out a ton of money for trying. This is an easy drainage solution to test before you commit to a French drain or another drainage system.
  • CON: They may not do everything you need them to do. If you know you’re going to need a long extender to make a difference, you may opt for a different approach.

If you need a high-capacity solution for collecting and redirecting water around your foundation, you may consider installing a French drain. This is essentially a gutter system that is buried underground. You can direct water from your downspouts into the French drain, and the drain can flow wherever you need it to go.

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