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Do you know how much water your roof protects you from each and every time it rains? A 2,000 square-foot roof (roughly the average size of a roof over a small home) can collect over 1,100 gallons of water per inch of rain that falls on it. That’s a lot of water for your roof to have to deal with, and a lot of water that your roof will send tumbling down into the ground immediately beneath your foundation if it’s not properly dealt with. This is why your gutters are so important-they prevent flooding on your property, prevent serious damage to your foundation, and even help you avoid flooding in your own home should the rain begin to fall a little too hard. When so much is riding on your gutters, why wouldn’t you do everything you can to keep them in good condition?

At Sargent Services, we’re the partner you can depend on when it comes to services for your gutters. We know how much you depend on your gutters, and we also understand how sometimes it’s easy to ignore this important task because of how difficult it can be. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including repair for broken gutters, maintenance and cleaning for existing gutters, new gutter installations where you need them, and even a complete range of maintenance and inspection services. We truly care about your home, and we do everything we can to keep it working smoothly and efficiently when the rain falls. We’re even committed to safety, and each of our friendly team members has been highly trained in modern techniques to ensure they get the job done without risk to you and your home. We know that no effort is too far, and we truly want to live up to our reputation as the best when it comes to gutter services in Royal Oak.

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While your gutters may not seem like the biggest or most important part of your home, their role cannot be understated. Without working gutters, you risk serious roof damage that could wreak havoc on your home, possibly damaging your landscape down below, and even the possibility of foundation sliding, shifting, or settling. Foundation changes could jeopardize the entire structural integrity of your home. If you don’t want to take the risk and instead want to keep your home protected, make sure you get help from the experts at Sargent Services.

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How Often Do I Need to Clean My Gutters?

At Sargent Services, we get it-cleaning your gutters isn’t a fun chore. Nobody wants to have to drag out the ladder, climb up, and dig a pile of debris and detritus out of your gutter. Not to mention dealing with gutters on second floors means you’re quite a ways off the ground, which could be unsettling for some who aren’t keen on heights. However, putting off the task isn’t really an option either when a clogged or damaged gutter could cause such severe consequences.

We like to strongly recommend cleaning your gutters at least once a year, preferably toward the end of summer or in the earliest days of autumn. Doing so ensures that your gutters are clear of debris before the first big rainfall of the season, which means minimal risk of blockages causing damage to your gutters.

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