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Are Aluminum Gutters Better Than Vinyl Gutters?

Vinyl is an excellent material for fencing and siding, but what about gutters? Are you better off investing in aluminum or vinyl gutters for your house? Let’s compare aluminum gutters vs. vinyl gutters to find the best solution for your home.

Vinyl Gutters Are Only Available in Sections (Not Seamless Gutters)

Seamless gutters are the preferred gutter solution because they can be custom-fit to your home’s specifications. The gutters are formed on-site at the time of installation, and they don’t have joint lines like sectional gutters. Those joint lines turn into traps for debris, which quickly clogs your gutters.

Aluminum gutters are available for seamless installation, but vinyl gutters only come in pre-fabricated sections. These sections take time to put together, and they don’t last as long as seamless gutters. If you want efficient, streamlined gutters, aluminum is far superior to vinyl.

Most Gutter Installers Will Not Work with Vinyl Gutters

A reputable gutter company that stands by its work likely won’t install vinyl gutters. They are far too time-consuming, and they just don’t look as good as aluminum gutters. Sargent Gutters & Siding offers premium seamless gutters with fast, efficient installation times. We have gutter installation down to a science.

If you’re trying to go the DIY route, vinyl gutters may be frustrating to install. You have to join the pieces together like a puzzle, and then you have to angle them properly to allow for water drainage. It’s not an easy project, and most people end up spending more money replacing their DIY gutter installation.

Vinyl Gutters Can’t Stand Up to High Winds

Vinyl gutters are lightweight, which puts less pressure on your fascia boards. They work well in dry climates with minimal wind. If you live in a windy area, the lightweight nature of the vinyl works to your detriment. The gutters have a harder time staying in place, which can lead to a slew of damage in a heavy windstorm.

Michigan is the third windiest state in the U.S. The average wind speed here is 20.9 miles per hour. Aluminum gutters have enough heft to hold up to this intense wind, but vinyl gutters may blow off in a flash. You’re much better off investing in durable aluminum gutters that will last for decades.

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