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Are Hail-Damaged Gutters Safe to Use?

Your insurance adjuster may have told you that you need new gutters after a hailstorm. In fact, you may already have the check in hand to cover the gutter replacement. The question now is: do you actually have to replace your gutters, or can you use the funds for something else? Here are some decision-making tips from Sargent Services.

Cosmetic Damage vs. Structural Damage

It’s important to distinguish between structural damage and cosmetic damage to your gutters. A few surface dings likely won’t compromise the way the gutters operate, but a disconnected downspout would. An experienced gutter installer can assess your gutter damage to determine if it is functional or just aesthetic. That will determine how urgent it is for you to replace your gutters.

Risks of Keeping Hail-Damaged Gutters on Your Home

Before you decide not to replace your gutters, you need to weigh some important considerations. If you’re already using your insurance to get a new roof or new siding, you’ve probably met your deductible. That means that it may not cost anything out of pocket to replace your gutters at the same time.

If your insurance company gave you money for gutters and you chose not to replace them, you may not be eligible for replacement during a future storm. If you sell your house in the next few years and the gutters become an appraisal-required repair, you’ll have to pay for them. Make sure you have money aside to accommodate that.

The hail may have damaged your gutters more than what you can see on the surface. This could lead to issues in the future that you cannot detect right now. Keep a close eye on your guttering and complete repairs in a timely manner.

Get a Gutter Inspection to Assess the Damage

The best way to determine if your gutters are safe to use is to get them inspected by a professional gutter installer. One of our specialists can look over your guttering to determine if it’s safe, fixable, or beyond repair. Contact Sargent Services to get a gutter inspection for hail damage.

Will My Insurance Cover Replacement for Hail-Damaged Gutters?

Most home insurance plans will cover gutter replacement after a hailstorm. However, there are many factors that go into that. If your gutters are more than a decade old, the insurance adjuster may determine that the storm wasn’t the sole culprit for the damage. This may lower the amount of coverage they’re willing to offer.

Your deductible may also impact whether or not you use your insurance to pay for new gutters. If the cost of the gutter repair is less than the deductible, you may not want that claim on your policy. Some policies also have exclusions for metal marring, which typically only applies to metal roofs. Nevertheless, there is a possibility it could apply to your gutters as well.

Talk to your insurance company as soon as possible to find out what your specific coverage limits are. If you do not have gutter coverage on your current policy, you may want to compare plans from other providers.

Whenever the time comes to get new gutters, you know who to call! Sargent Services will gladly work with your insurance company. We’ll never pressure you into buying something you don’t need, and we can complete the job in a timely manner. Call (800) 465-7460 to get started.