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Gutter Cleaning Service in Rochester Hills MI

Gutter Cleaning Service in Rochester Hills MI

Gutter cleaning is a household chore that often gets overlooked. Most homeowners need to clean their gutters at least twice per year to keep them operating effectively. Gutter clogs reduce the lifespan of your guttering and can be a fire hazard in the summer months. We’re here to protect your home and keep your rain gutters working correctly.

Reach out to Sargent Gutters & Siding to schedule a gutter cleaning service in Rochester Hills MI. Our number is (800) 465-7460, and we are happy to answer your questions.

Why Do My Gutters Clog All the Time?

If it feels like your gutters are always clogged, there may be an underlying issue you need to address. This is a common complaint we hear from homeowners, but most of the time, there is a simple solution. You may benefit from gutter guards that block out most debris, or perhaps you need a section of your gutters replaced. Here are some common reasons for frequent gutter clogs:

  • You Have Sectional Gutters That Clog at the Connection Points (Upgrade to Seamless Gutters)
  • You Don’t Clean out Your Gutters Completely, So Debris Builds up Fast
  • You Have Clogged Downspouts That Prevent Water from Flowing Freely through the Gutters
  • You Have Overhanging Tree Branches That Constantly Shed onto Your Roof (Consider Getting Gutter Guards)
  • Your Gutters Weren’t Installed at the Proper Angle to Encourage Water Flow into the Downspouts
  • You’re Not Cleaning Your Gutters as Often as You Should

Our experts can personalize a recommendation to address your gutter issues. Contact Sargent Gutters & Siding at (586) 303-5226 to get started.

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Sargent Gutters & Siding Offers Comprehensive Solutions for Your Guttering

Gutter cleaning is one of many home improvement services we offer. Our goal is to make your house look great and function well for years to come. Some of our most sought-after services include the following:

  • House Trim, Fascia Board Replacement, and Vinyl Siding Services
  • Seamless Rain Gutters and Downspouts That Are Available in the Latest Color Options
  • High-Capacity 6″ Gutters That Carry 50% More Water Than 5″ Gutter Setups
  • Gutter Guards Made to Keep Leaves, Twigs, and Pests out of Your Gutters
  • Gutter Replacements with Haul-Off, as Well as Routine Gutter Repairs
  • Downspout Flushing and Gutter Cleaning Services
  • Fair and Honest Pricing – Ask about Our Interest-Free Financing

Looking for an On-Time Gutter Cleaning Service in Rochester Hills MI? Contact Us at (800) 465-7460