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Is it OK to Not Have Gutters?

Drive through almost any neighborhood, and you’ll likely see a mixture of houses with gutters and houses without gutters. The fact is that gutters aren’t in most building code requirements, so you may see them as a luxury over a necessity. We urge you to think otherwise. Let’s take a closer look at the importance of gutters and why you should have them on your home.

What Gutters Do (A Lot More Than You Think!)

The basic function of gutters is to direct water from the roof to the ground. But gutters do a whole lot more than that. Here are some benefits of guttering:

  • Prevent foundation sinking and basement leaks. Gutters act as a primary drainage system for your home. They keep water from building up around the foundation, which protects the house from settling. It also reduces the pressure around the basement, which prevents bowed walls and cracks.
  • Protect landscaping below the roof. Overflowing water can hurt your garden bed, and it may oversaturate your landscaping. Gutters point the water away from the property so your landscaping only gets the rain it actually needs.
  • Minimize soil erosion. This is a common issue for homes without gutters, to the point that you may notice channels underneath the roofline. The soil persistently erodes with the rainstorms, and it may create pools of water over time.
  • Preserve the siding. Water can erode bricks, warp wood, stain siding, and even rot certain siding materials. You can’t eliminate the water altogether, but you can reduce how much rain hits your siding.
  • Reduce home insurance and increase property value. This may not happen in every situation, but gutters have the potential to reduce your homeowner’s insurance and boost your home’s value. This is because they reduce costly risks for insurance companies, and they appeal to homebuyers.
  • Improve your curb appeal. Gutters can be beautiful features on your home, enhancing the trim and creating clean lines around the façade. As long as they are well-maintained and professionally installed, gutters can make your home look better!

As you can see, gutters are far more than basic rain directors. They are essential to the aesthetics, safety, value and structural integrity of your house.

Does a House Have to Have Gutters?

By law, no. There aren’t any building codes in our area that say a house has to have gutters. If you are a member of a homeowner’s association, gutters may be required by HOA guidelines.

With this in mind, you certainly should have gutters on your home. You’re not required to have gas in your car, but it runs a lot smoother when you do! Think about that as you plan for home improvement.

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