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Will Gutters Add Value to My Home?

Most homeowners add gutters to their home when they experience a need for them. Example: the backyard floods during rainstorms, and gutters can redirect the water elsewhere. With this in mind, you may consider guttering as an investment in your home. Will gutters add to your home value? If so, what kind of return on investment can you expect? Read on to learn about the value of gutters and downspouts.

Functional Value vs. Financial Value

Gutters do not necessarily add to the value of your home. If you spend $2,000 on gutters, your home’s appraisal value probably won’t increase by $2,000. That doesn’t mean they’re a bad investment though. In fact, they could be one of the best investments you make for your home.

There is something to be said about the functional value of home improvement. Replacing your broken stove may not increase your home value, but it will improve your quality of life in the home. Gutters protect your foundation, roofing, trim, siding, and many other elements of the house by creating a strategic drainage channel for precipitation. This could save thousands in repairs later on, and it preserve the structural integrity of your home.

If you truly want to evaluate the value added from gutters, look at the big picture.

How Much Do Gutters Cost?

It’s nearly impossible to provide an average cost of gutters because there are multiple factors at play. Gutter quotes take into account:

  • Gutter materials
  • Number of downspouts
  • Gutter guards (which also vary widely in price)
  • Square footage
  • Which areas of the house do and don’t need gutters
  • Existing gutters (may not need to replace all the gutters if some are in good shape)

According to HomeAdvisor, the average price of gutters is $3-$40. With such a massive range in price, it’s almost impossible to estimate gutter prices without an in-person consultation. Thankfully, you can get a quote for gutters with no obligation. This will show you exactly what your gutters will cost based on the specific features you need.

Bad Gutters Could Hurt Your Home Value – Consider Gutter Repair

It’s important to note that having damaged gutters could actually hurt your home value. A potential buyer will see your sagging, clogged or dented gutters and assume the rest of the home is in disrepair. Before listing your house for sale, consider gutter repair or gutter replacement, as needed. This will maximize your sales options and help your home present well for showings.

Sargent Gutters & Siding offers quality guttering, fast turnarounds, and fair pricing. We can help you find the right solution before your home hits the market.

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