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Be Prepared for These Summer Gutter Problems

Your gutters do the bulk of their work in the spring months, but they continue to direct water away from your property in the summer as well. It’s important to monitor your gutters throughout the year, ensuring that they’re working smoothly and efficiently. Check out these common summer gutter problems, along with pro tips for how to avoid them.

Mosquitoes in Standing Water (Clean Your Gutters!)

Mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water, so your clogged gutters may turn into a mosquito maternity ward in the summer. This is the last thing you want during a fun day in the sun, and thankfully, it’s completely avoidable! Keeping your gutters clear of clogs will allow water to flow down through the downspouts. The gutters will remain dry when it’s not raining, which means the mosquitoes will have to breed elsewhere.

Be mindful of this in other areas of your property too, such as outdoor toys, bird feeders, dog water bowls, and anything else that may be a vessel for standing water. Consider adding a pond pump to water bowls to keep the water circulating, and dump water out when you see it on the property.

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Gutter Fire Hazards (Again…Clean Your Gutters!)

Dry debris in your gutters can quickly become fire kindling. This is especially trye in the heart of the summer when temperatures start to skyrocket. If your gutters are cleaned out, you shouldn’t have to worry about this. You can also prevent this issue by adding leaf filters on top of your guttering. The goal is to keep twigs and leaves out so you don’t end up with a roof fire on your hands.

Overflowing Gutters When It Rains

Many homeowners notice their gutters overflowing during the spring and summer months. Instead of the water flowing down through the gutters, it rolls right off the top of the guttering.

This can be a result of several issues. It may simply mean that your gutters are full of debris. Once again – clean them out! But it could also mean that your gutters are not large enough to support the amount of precipitation your property gets. The peak of your roof could further influence what size and style gutters will work best for your home.

In these situations, we often recommend upgrading to 6″ gutters instead of the traditional 5″ gutters. Going up one inch will increase your water capacity by 50%. Larger gutters also look more substantial, which can boost curb appeal and make your home look more luxurious. Function and fashion, all rolled into one.

Sagging Gutters

Sometimes gutters sag in the summer because of the shift from cool to hot temperatures. This could happen in the winter as well. Construction materials tend to shrink in the summer and expand in the winter. This can change the way the nails holding up your gutters fit against your fascia boards. Thankfully, this is usually just a matter of hammering or screwing them back into their proper position.

If your gutters are sagging even after fixing them, they may need to be replaced. This is a common issue with sectional gutters, but it’s not as common with seamless gutters. If you have outdated sectional gutters, consider making the switch to seamless gutters.

Birds Nesting in the Gutters

Birds are always looking for cozy places to grow their families. If your gutters have nesting materials readily available, the birds are going to take notice. We’ve emphasized it enough times in this guide by now, but we’ll say it one more time. Clean. Out. Those. Gutters! It will make all the difference when it comes to avoiding summer gutter problems.

Summer Gutter Maintenance from Sargent Gutters & Siding

If you don’t want to tackle the gutter cleaning and maintenance, consider turning it over to the pros. Sargent Gutters & Siding offers gutter inspections, gutter cleaning service, gutter repair, gutter maintenance, gutter replacement and gutter guard installation. We will gladly provide a quote for new gutters or recommend the best way to protect your gutters all year long. Contact us at (800) 465-7460 to schedule your consultation.