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No interest + no payments for 12 months

Or 40% off installation!

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What’s the Best Time of Year to Replace Gutters?

If you need new gutters, the best time to get them is right now! But if it’s not an emergent replacement, you may want to plan for the ideal time of year. Here’s a look at the best and worst times to replace gutters so you can schedule accordingly.

Spring Is the Best Time for Gutter Replacement

Generally speaking, spring is the best time for gutter replacement. The winter snow has melted off the roof, but the gutters aren’t clogged with debris from the fall. Having clean new gutters can also control spring rainfall, and it can add to your curb appeal when your landscaping blooms. If you’re simply looking to upgrade your current gutters, plan for spring installation.

Winter Is the Least Ideal Time to Replace Gutters

If we had to pick the worst time for getting new gutters, it would be winter. Michigan’s harsh winter weather makes it tricky to plan a safe gutter installation. The gutters may be filled with snow and ice, or the roof may be completely covered with precipitation. If the gutters weren’t cleaned at the end of fall, the weight of the wet leaves will make matters even harder. Do your best to plan your gutter replacement before the winter hits.

If Budget Constraints Are Holding You back, Consider Gutter Financing

Finances may influence when you get new gutters. We don’t want that to hinder your home’s safety or gutter function in the winter. Sargent Gutters & Siding offers easy financing with 0% interest for multiple years. You can choose the best gutters and gutter guards for your home, and then pay the balance off over time. Learn more about Gutter Financing

Get New Gutters When You Need Them – Don’t Wait for the “Perfect” Time!

Damaged gutters should not be ignored. Your guttering protects your foundation from water damage, which impacts the entire structure of your home. Here are some signs it’s time to get new gutters, regardless of what time of year it may be:

  • Your gutters are falling off the fascia boards
  • Your gutters are sagging or leaking
  • Your downspouts are detached from the gutters
  • You’re cleaning your gutters all the time
  • Your gutters were damaged by falling tree branches or a recent storm
  • You need a new gutter layout
  • Your gutters no longer match your home’s exterior
  • You have old gutters and you’re planning to sell your home soon
  • Sectional gutters are ruining your home’s curb appeal
  • Your gutters can’t handle the amount of precipitation you receive on your property
  • You don’t have any gutters at all (Is It OK to Not Have Gutters?)

Sargent Gutters & Siding can help you plan your gutter replacement. We’ll evaluate the state of your gutters and recommend appropriate steps that align with your budget.

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